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what's a birth plan?

first, what is a birth plan? for me as your doula it’s our guide to support your desires that matter “most” during your birth. ranging from the environment of the room, medicated or non-medicated, who you’d like present, coached pushing or intuitive mother-led, vitamin k for baby and soooo much more. the beauty of having me is i go thru each option to explain them thoroughly to both you and dad so we can all advocate for you confidently and kindly (but firmly if needed #iykyk). i typically work with first time parents or vbac (vaginal birth after cesarean) mamas but this is great for every mama bc the last thing we want you to do is think about these things while you’re working so hard through the intensity of contractions and giving birth. the biggest mistake i’ve seen is bringing these to the hospital or birth center the day you’re giving birth. when should you present them? as soon as we complete it together virtually or in-person take it to your next appointment to gauge whether or not you feel supported by your care provider so we have ample time to be at peace with them or switch to another option who is more compatible.

i know this may be a lot for you amongst the other things you have to prepare for but that’s why i’m here for you. set up a call for booking today so we can get started with your birth preparation planning as your doula or childbirth education by clicking here.


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