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biggest mistake new parents make!

forgetting to plan for postpartum!

a postpartum plan can be essential when preparing for a baby. the best part of preparing for postpartum is your opportunity to get some of your expected needs down on paper as well as prepare your partner / other support of what you’ll need.

it is very important that as you heal you spend time in bed, truly resting. i’d even recommend doing so with limited to no screen time. sending out a mass text with weekly updates via your husband’s phone so you don’t have to worry about responding. creating this group prenatally is beneficial.

nutrition is another important discussion to have with your partner/support team. beginning with light warm meals that are easy to eat and digest. advancing to hearty warm meals after you’ve begun to feel more comfortable using the bathroom. then slowly adding other things in that you enjoy eating that are easy to prepare. easing back into activity is ideal so having someone there to warm these meals if already prepared is my suggestion.

wellness and exercise should be a part of your pre-pregnancy plan as well as throughout pregnancy to strengthen you for labor yes but even more so for postpartum recovery. i've had a client tell me that was there biggest regret.

cleaning and other house chores, do you need a list? are you going to hire someone? is family going to be in town to help? can hubby handle these tasks in addition to other factors like lack of sleep, work, assisting you in every way you need? what is most important to you, dishes, laundry, bathroom cleanliness, etc.

mood boosters! what kinds of things do you like to do that will boost your mood? placenta encapsulation? evening primrose oil. continue drinking raspberry leaf tea or lemon balm tea. lots of natural light. open those windows. aromatherapy? bathing consistently. getting dressed for the day. putting on light makeup? watching your favorite shows or movies. facetiming friends or family between naps. cuddling as a family. time to rest alone while baby spends time with dad or another support team member.

the list goes on and on but i highly recommend preparing in this way especially if it’s your first time. having a discussion with a pelvic floor therapist can give you clear expectations of what to expect postpartum physically and how you can prepare or recognize anything out of the norm.

having a postpartum doula by your side to remind you to ask for what you need or deny unsolicited advice from family or friends. also going through what baby blues are and how to identify forms or postpartum depression with a birth professional before baby comes. what are sleep expectations for a newborn? there are courses on tinyhood that discuss this. breastfeeding support from a lactation consultant before baby is born as well as after.

i also recommend seeing a therapist who specializes in postnatal support for women. you will be going thru a wide range of new things and having someone neutral to process with will be helpful in healthy healing & learning the new version of yourself. 🤍

all of these things may seem like a lot but your peace of mind will come from within intuitively over time as well as from education that will boost your confidence as parents.

any questions? let's set up a call to talk through your postpartum plan:

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