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giving birth? surrender and praise.

Updated: Dec 27, 2021

i watched a mother laboring recently and was in complete awe as she surrendered into a posture of what looked like praise. she breathed & released as much as she could with her arms out, palms facing up & eyes closed as she paced through the room. i reminded her to gather strength and rest between each wave of intensity. moments that I will hold close to my heart forever. naturally as your birth doula, i have found myself spiritually connected to every family especially the mothers and babies. idk if it’s the prayers i pray for y’all or how sacred pregnancy and birth are to me. maybe both. either way we connect and communicate differently during labor. although i cannot feel the intensity of each contraction ..i do my best to lean in intuitively knowing when i’m needed and when to give space. as i work towards certification, labor reminds me of yoga. the instructor leads the student through a flow with cues, affirmation and physical adjustment. the instructor helps the student to push thru the new sensations they’re feeling in their body. as you challenge your body you achieve rewarding results both mentally and physically. sometimes i forget the Lord is my strength and that my promise is already prepared for me. i just have to work through the tough parts that challenge me temporarily to get to it. i say all that to say, here’s your reminder in pregnancy, labor, and motherhood. you got this, we got you, you can do all things.

blessings, KYN

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