"When we birth, we don't just birth babies. We  birth ourselves, we birth our families, and we reshape our lives."  - Sarah Wickham

The Kynship Collective was created by Kyndall Cooper, a Christian birth doula and birth photographer, to be there for new parents from pregnancy to the new beginnings of parenthood. We guide you with education and love through birth support. As a birth photographer, to be able to capture moments that you may not recall or be able to explain in words, I am grateful to be apart of your birth support team. Childbirth education, trust, and confidence are fundamental for creating a solid foundation for the labor/birth experience you are hoping for. When I'm not a birthworker, I enjoy doing yoga, nature & recreating vegan dishes I find on Pinterest! My guilty pleasure? A spoon full of nutella or biscoff cookie butter... Don't judge me until you try it!

We believe that childbirth should be a natural, empowering journey and we’ll be there by your side to make it happen. Our goal is to help women understand what they will be going through during childbirth, and hence make informed decisions about their pregnancy and labor. We believe that our clients should connect and feel comfortable with their doula, and offer free consultation meetings to make sure it’s the right fit. In addition, our Birth Companion Collective provides support and training for doulas in order to maintain the best care for families.

Providing Support When You Need Most

where did kynship come from?

the meaning of the word kinship covers social connections, it has a wider role in society, says the Sociology Group, noting that kinship:

  • Maintains unity, harmony, and cooperation among relationships

  • Sets guidelines for communication and interactions among people

  • Helps people better understand their relationships with each other

  • Helps people better relate to each other in society

                                                                          source: Your Article Library

"This pregnancy was so different than the first, however right from the beginning Kyndall showed enormous emotional support."

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