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"When we birth, we don't just birth babies. We  birth ourselves, we birth our families, and we reshape our lives."  - Sarah Wickham

Every expecting parent deserves to have someone there to guide and assist them in making educated choices about their pregnancy. Instagram has some great tips and that may have been how you find The Kynship but the customized support and care I give will impact your birth experience in a positive way. I focus on preparing parents with emotional, physical, spiritual, and educational support in an attempt to create a space of confidence and peace when it is time to birth your baby. 

Every birth is different, every parent's needs are different so I focus on that initially after you book with me, then I get into the educating and preparation that you need. Whether it is all childbirth basics and expectations because you are nervous about giving birth for the first time or going through your options and teaching your birth partner how to advocate for you because you are trying to have a VBAC. Your doula is here for you every way that I can for a positive empowered birth experience.

I always feel so honored to be able to share our expertise with women and families in San Antonio, Texas, Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas and across the U.S. to St. Petersburg/Tampa, Florida. I approach birth holistically with evidence-based info. Besides providing physical and emotional support during labor, it is important to me to also teach dads to advocate for the birthing woman and their family.

By combining faith, confidence and so much more, I believe we will be a great fit to achieve the birth memories you deserve. You could be feeling a range of emotions that led you here and you should be proud of yourself for finding a doula. Hiring a doula for your family is the first step to being in control of your birth and body. 

Meet Your Doulas


Kyndall Campbell,  Owner of The Kynship

Labor Coach / Birth Doula / Postpartum Doula in Dallas

"I love working with babies and parents! I have over a decade of experience with ages 0-3 but I couldn't ignore the moments I felt called to have a greater and deeper impact on families. Shortly after, I witnessed my first birth and realized I was a doula without even knowing it! Being a safe space for women as they endure life changing moments means the world to me. As a witness of birth, when it is supported correctly with the mother at the center.. the space feels holy to me. We can only estimate or assume when it's going to begin until it actually does. Even then there's no way to say when it will start and finish. Only God, the baby, and the mama know. They all work simultaneously together using physical signals & hormones only she and the baby can feel. Breathing together, moving together, a partnership. It's beautiful. " -


A few things you can find her doing for fun include relaxing at the beach, doing yoga, or trying new vegan recipes & listening to Maverick City Music.


Gwendy Gregory,

Tampa Doula 

"Hello! My name is Gwendy Gregory and I am a Christian doula, wife, and mother to 5. My family and I live on a little farm in Wimauma, Florida. I spend my days living a simple life homeschooling my kids, gardening and caring for our farm animals that include pigs, miniature donkeys and goats! On most days you will find me barefoot with a “dirt” manicure. I also lead worship at my church (you will find me barefoot here, too). Music is a big part of my spiritual life and my relationship with Jesus feels like it’s carried through music notes as I desire to dedicate my entire life song to him and what He has done in my life." 

Being a doula is one of my life callings. I found that being a “servant” for mothers is a perfect fit for me. I want to be a resource for you, an advocate, a prayer warrior, an encourager, & help you to uncover new levels of your faith in order to have a Holy-Spirit guided and amazing birth experience.

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