Support Packages

Yay! Your baby is on the way! Who do you call when you have a cold but aren't aware of an easy natural remedy that's safe you during pregnancy? Are you looking for someone to listen to your fears, help remove them and encourage you along this journey? You found us! I offer local support to mamas in Tampa/Central Florida or to mamas all the way in Hawaii. I have been blessed to travel to multiple states for doctor appointments or home visits before babies arrived and return later to prepare for the birth. For new parents who are not interested in hiring a doula but you are interested in childbirth education as well as parenthood preparation, the Olive Branch Package is available to assist you in any way your family needs! After a deposit, payment plans are available to be paid in full until the 38th week of pregnancy. Congrats on your new bundle on the way and kudos to you for wanting to be as prepared for them as you can!

Dove Package
birth doula package 

Investment: $2,000

This package includes but is not limited to:

  • free virtual or in person consultation with mama and partner

  • ​four prenatal virtual or in-person meetings (up to 90 minutes) information sessions 

  • ​continuous text support during pregnancy

  • holistic nutritional advice throughout pregnancy

  • birth preparation: birth preferences, positions and tools for mama & partner, to ease discomfort and help with natural labor progression, birth environment vision board

  • parenthood prep: baby registry review, nursery organization, daily routine lesson, and healthy sleep habits for infants discussions

  • assistance with car seat selection & installation

  • on-call for labor support as soon as labor begins until baby(babies) are born (virtual support option available)

  • immediate postpartum support for assistance with establishing latch and breastfeeding after your baby's birth

  • ​availability by phone/text until 6 weeks postpartum 

  • up to 40 photos of pregnancy/birth journey or 8 minute birth film

  • 1.5 hour session of virtual/in-person nursing session guidance after baby is born
    - ways to include dad in the feeding process
    - when to introduce bottles and pacifiers
    - pumping schedule/stash tips

  • 2 postpartum visits/calls

  • free copy of more sleep, less tears ebook to work towards fuller of nights of rest for your family

  • postpartum gift

  • discount on other services in the future   

    in-person prenatal visits available for families within 45 miles of tampa 

Olive Branch Package
maternity consultant package 

Investment: $950

This package includes but is not limited to:

  • initial consultation to understand family needs for birth and baby preparation

  • text/e-mail availability up to 9 weeks postpartum

  • prenatal yoga sequences and stretches

  • baby registry review/assistance

  • recommended resources: pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding, and parenting books

  • up to 20 photos of pregnancy journey or 8 minute video of pregnancy journey

  • nursery organization/functionality assistance

  • assistance finding local providers (Webster technique certified chiro, classes, groups, pelvic therapist referral, etc.)

  • prenatal sessions  during each trimester to prepare you and your family if within 45 miles radius of Tampa*

  • custom daily/sleep schedule for baby

  • free instant download of more sleep. less tears infant sleep guide eBook

  • postpartum gift