Birth Services

Are you looking for someone to listen to your fears, help remove them and encourage you along this journey? Giving birth can be overwhelming and often confusing - we’re here to help! We provide a variety of personalized services that will accompany you and your family during your pregnancy, labor and the early days of parenthood. Get in touch to learn more about our community, the type of support you can expect, and to set up a consultation meeting. I offer local support to mamas in Tampa and surrounding areas within 40 miles as well as out of state for an extra fee. A virtual option that we call Dial-A-Doula is available as well. Looking for someone to capture the intimate moments? Check out our birth photography servicesAfter a deposit, payment plans are available to be paid in full until the 32nd week of pregnancy. Congrats on your new bundle on the way and kudos to you for wanting to be as prepared as you can!

Genesis Package
mini birth doula package 
Investment: $1,200

This package includes:

  • Initial consultation (1.5 hours) to understand family needs and desires for birth & parenting experience (15 weeks+)

  • Discuss birth options and preferences

  • Support at 1 Appointment 

  • Bi-Monthly Check-in/Call Optional

  • Text Support Availability

  • Community Resource List

  • Lending Library Access

  • 1 Labor/Birth Prep Session (1.5 hours at 32 weeks+)

  • Birth/Labor Support Availability from 37-42 weeks

  • 1 Postpartum Visits

The Birth Doula’s Contribution to Modern Maternity Care

Research shows that women who use a birth doula are:
  • less likely to need Pitocin
  • less likely to have a cesarean birth
  • less likely to use any pain medication
  • more likely to rate their childbirth experience positively -

Dove Package
birth doula package 
Investment: $2,100

This package includes but is not limited to:

  • Free virtual or in person consultation with mama and partner

  • ​4 prenatal virtual or in-person meetings (up to 90 minutes) information sessions 

  • Support at 2 appointments 

  • ​Continuous phone/text support during pregnancy

  • Holistic nutritional advice throughout pregnancy

  • Community Resource List

  • Lending Library Access

  • Birth preparation: birth preferences, positions and tools for mama & partner, to ease discomfort and help with natural labor progression, birth environment vision board

  • On-call for labor support as soon as labor begins until baby(babies) are born (virtual support option available)

  • Immediate postpartum support for assistance with establishing latch and breastfeeding after your baby's birth

  • Up to 25 photos of birth if able* 

  • 1.5 hour session of virtual/in-person nursing session guidance after baby is born

  • 3 postpartum visits & ongoing virtual support

' You saw me before I was born. Every day of my life was recorded in your book. Every moment was laid out before a single day had passed. '

~ Psalm 136:16 NLT