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This handbook was created to be accessible for new parents like you, parents who are looking for a solution that is custom to their baby and family. It is possible for breastfed babies to sleep long stretches at night as well as formula-fed and exclusively pumping mamas. The mom and dad who have no clue why their baby won't sleep longer or cries unless they are held. After reading and applying these changes, even dad will know the routine and know how to respond to your baby without you telling him what could be wrong.

By using the baby/parent education and sleep tips provided in this book you will begin to see the difference that your daily routine makes for the whole family. This guide encourages parents to learn how to anticipate their child's needs and let your bundles know that they don't have to cry to get everything they need. You will learn to communicate in a new way. This introductory ebook is the beginning of many others that will incorporate faith & knowledge with building solid foundations for families.


Table of Contents:

Introduction to Healthy Sleep Habits for Infants

Getting Started with Building Healthy Sleep Habits

Wake Windows/Sleep Times

Sleep Routines

Sound Machines

Sleep Independence

Fading Method

Gentler Sleep Training

Major Keys

Dream Feeding

Weaning Night Feedings


Sleep Regression

Bedtime Prayer

Bonus Schedule for 9-13 Months

Healthy Sleep Habits for Infants & Parents

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