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As a birth doula and birth photographer, we are beyond blessed to work with so many amazing families! Enjoy these kind words they have expressed about our experiences together.

jalen & austyn
june '16
“Kyndall is amazing!  Most of all she’s nurturing, knowledgeable and professional. We learned more about pregnancy, childbirth and newborn care for twins through my relationship with her. No class, individual or book compares to the keen insight of Kyndall. Before we delivered, she provided invaluable information on raising twins (girl/boy) and most important why and how to put them (and us) on a schedule immediately after delivery. This first meeting changed our lives and order with our children; something we still follow almost 4 years later.  She continues to be our first resource for guidance on nurturing, caring and raising our twins.  She is ordained by God, walks in faith, and is wise beyond her years.  She’s passionate about children and guiding moms and dads.  She’s extremely organized, proactive, understanding, calming, and flexible yet firm when necessary.  She will no doubt enhance your childbirth to achieve your desired labor and delivery.  We were so thankful she was with us during the most important thing we have ever experienced.”

Shonny, Mom of Twins

I met Kyndall through working at children’s church, and now I find her to be an invaluable pregnancy resource! Being a first time mom, I have had many moments during my pregnancy that have caused me to be unsure and worried. She has been so great at easing my concerns and educating me on what I am experiencing. 

Heather, First Time Mom

"Kyndall is a godsend. I know that each birth experience is different, and usually involves unexpected decisions and changes throughout the pregnancy. As a first time mom like most I had questions, Kyndall was always available to answer and explain anything i had concerns about or simply had no knowledge of. If she didn't have an answer she was always honest but would always come back with one and was always reassuring. I appreciate all the valued advice Kyndall gave. Even with distance it always felt like she was close. She truly cares about what she's doing and treats everyone as family, she's simply the best!"

Ellen, First Time Mom

"Kyndall gave me something that I feel is priceless during pregnancy, and that is peace of mind. Knowing that I have someone to call on day and night to confide in and get quick responses to my concerns has been more than amazing. This pregnancy was so different than the first, however right from the beginning Kyndall showed enormous emotional support. She also provided excellent  resources for my nausea, weight control, comfort, and overall well being. She also provided amazing educational tools for my toddler, which my husband and I still use and will continue to use for our second child. Kyndall is a dedicated and passionate professional, and I am more than grateful to have experienced her services."

Jakea, Mom of Two

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