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Virtual Christian birth support

Providing faith-based birth support and childbirth support education to first-time parents who desire a calm, educated, and unmedicated birth without fear.

About us

Every expecting parent deserves to have someone there to guide and assist them in making educated choices about their pregnancy. Instagram has some great tips and that may have been how you find The Kynship but the customized support and care I give will impact your birth experience in a positive way.

Essential Items


The Kynship Collective provides virtual doula support to help make your birth experience as smooth as possible. We specialize in supporting Christian first-time parents, VBAC parents, and those seeking unmedicated birth preparation.

Birth Doula Support

Figuring out where to start in your pregnancy and all the things on your checklist can be tough, especially the first time. With support from a Birth Doula, you can receive educated and sound responses in times of anxiety or confusion.


From pregnancy through early postpartum you will have a go-to person that understands and is committed to helping you have positive memories to share with your little one as they grow. 

Virtual Birth
Planning Session

Having a birth planning session with us can bring clarity to what your ideal birth could be for you as well as unity with your spouse & birth team. Together you will learn about your options and how to advocate for your desires.


Birth doesn't always go as planned but knowing what is important to you in the most common scenarios can help you have an empowered experience no matter what. 

Private Childbirth

A great place to start your journey to a birth you felt prepared for. Most hospitals teach a free class but most of them aren't catered to women desiring a physiological unmedicated birth. 


We teach mother-centered birth and uninterrupted birth expectations so that you can advocate with clear understanding during labor. Actually, the goal is for your birth team to have a clear understanding so that you can focus on surrendering to the norms of birth.

We aim to remove the fear of childbirth and provide you with the education and faith-based support you need to achieve your desired birth experience, no matter where you are located. In-person support is available for families in Dallas & San Antonio, TX.


as your doula, we are here for you in every way to create a positive and empowering birth experience.

Our Passion for Supporting Families

We believe that all births can be beautiful in their own way but ultimately "Birthing God's Way" can be to allow your intuition along with our guidance to lead you through your birth. Physiologically and spiritually your body was made to do this! All you need is some education and empowerment to trust the process of labor to give birth. Preparation is key when trusting the process so the unknowns that you are in control of will become common knowledge for you. You are fully equipped to do this however you truly want to, we are just here to help you tap into that equipment.



In-Person Birth Support starting at $1850
Virtual Birth Support starting at $1875
Private Virtual Childbirth Education starting at $600

Birth Planning Sessions starting at $250

Shonny, Mom of Twins

“Kyndall is amazing!  Most of all she’s nurturing, knowledgeable and professional. We learned more about pregnancy, childbirth and newborn care for twins through my relationship with her. No class, individual or book compares to the keen insight of Kyndall. Before we delivered, she provided invaluable information on raising twins (girl/boy) and most important why and how to put them (and us) on a schedule immediately after delivery. This first meeting changed our lives and order with our children; something we still follow almost 4 years later. 

She continues to be our first resource for guidance on nurturing, caring and raising our twins.  She is ordained by God, walks in faith, and is wise beyond her years.  She’s passionate about children and guiding moms and dads.  She’s extremely organized, proactive, understanding, calming, and flexible yet firm when necessary.  She will no doubt enhance your childbirth to achieve your desired labor and delivery.  We were so thankful she was with us during the most important thing we have ever experienced.”

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