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About Gwendy

Christian Doula in Tampa, Florida

Wendy Gregory is a Christian Doula, Wife, and Mother of 5. Gregory resides on a little farm in Wimauma, Florida homeschooling her children, gardening, and caring for her farm animals. While tending to her pigs, miniature donkeys, and goats, most days you can find her barefoot with a “dirt” manicure.


Gregory ministers at her church by leading worship. “Music is a big part of my spiritual life and my relationship with Jesus feels like it’s carried through music notes as I desire to dedicate my entire life song to him and what He has done in my life." She also believes that being a doula is one of her life callings. She’s found that being a “servant” for mothers is a perfect fit for her.


Gregory’s biggest hope is to be a resource, advocate, prayer warrior, encourager, and helper for you while you uncover new levels of your faith in order to have a Holy Spirit-guided and amazing birth experience.

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