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About Kyndall

Owner of The Kynship Collective

Labor Coach / Birth Doula / Postpartum Doula in Dallas

Owner Kyndall Campbell has over a decade of experience with newborns and children up to the age of 3 and felt she could ignore the call to have a greater and deeper impact on families. “Shortly after, I witnessed my first birth and realized I was a doula without even knowing it! Being a safe space for women as they endure life changing moments means the world to me.”


Witnessing many births she believes when it is supported correctly with the mother at the center.. the space feels holy. “We can only estimate or assume when it's going to begin until it actually does. Even then there's no way to say when it will start and finish. Only God, the baby, and the mama know.”


Campbell knows that all parts of the body work simultaneously together using physical signals & hormones that only a mother and child can feel. “Breathing together, moving together, a partnership. It's beautiful.”


Outside of work, you can find Campell relaxing at the beach, doing yoga, trying new vegan recipes, and listening to Maverick City Music!

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